Want HP Credit Without a Credit Card, Can You?


HP credit at a low price without DP and not using a credit card has become a trending marketing strategy carried out by mobile phone outlets and distributors in order to achieve their sales targets. Actually the easiest credit process is using a credit card. But for the requirements to apply for a credit card itself, it is not necessarily possible for every community to fulfill it, so they still have to find a solution, for credit without using a credit card. Can it?


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How Do You Credit HP Without a Credit Card?

How Do You Credit HP Without a Credit Card?

Here are two ways for credit cards without credit cards that can provide solutions or solutions for anyone who doesn’t have a credit card.


# 1 Online Mobile Credit

# 1 Online Mobile Credit

There are several online store sites that provide or service the process of purchasing HP and even other electronic devices by means of credit including:

  • Tokopedia.com
  • Credit – Mobile – OLX.co.id
  • Bukalapak.com
  • Kredithandphone.com
  • Kreditmart.co.id
  • Blibli.com
  • Lazada.co.id


These sites provide features to apply for goods purchase loans ranging from electronics to various other necessities. The first step you have to do is to become a member by registering using a real name and identity, then please follow the rules that apply there.


# 2 Mobile Credit Through Financial Institutions ( Finance )


The next option is to apply for HP credit through financial institutions or financial institutions that are now very popular and familiar to the public.

Like the Adira Finance company, not only does it provide financing for vehicle (automotive) loans, but it is also willing to assist in the process of purchasing electronic goods including mobile phones with an easy process.



However, it should be noted that there are a number of leasing companies that are still implementing a DP system, but there are also some that truly free their customers from the down payment regulations. For that you must be more careful in choosing a financing service that can help you to get your dream smartphone by credit.

There are also several other new companies that use online applications that can provide HP credit without a credit card other than financial institutions, including Creditors and Home Credit Indonesia. The explanation is as follows. ]


Companies that can provide HP credit without a credit card

Companies that can provide HP credit without a credit card

There are several companies that can provide HP credit without a credit card, namely:




Kredivo is a credit service for easy shopping. Can pay for goods purchased within 30 days without interest, or with installments of 3, 6 and 12 months (interest of 2.5% per month and 20% down payment). You can download this Kredivo application from the Play Store , and follow the new member registration process. Kredivo working with more than 80 existing online merchant, so you can menyicil electronic equipment that you want from the merchant – the merchant.

The requirements to get credit at Kredivo are:

  • Indonesian citizens
  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a bank account
  • Has a minimum income of 3 million per month (both employees and entrepreneurs).
  • Provide Indonesian cellphone numbers
  • Provide full name, date of birth, facebook account information, and ID card number to verify their identity


All Kredivo loans are financed by BFI Finance and Kredivo has the right to conduct credit checks, but can also provide loans to you based on credit ratings (without credit checks).

Kredivo protects your personal information. Credivo protects all sensitive data and also provides physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information. Creditors do not sell or rent your information to anyone unless it is needed by BFI Finance , to issue your loan or need to be given to the regulator . You can read more about the Kredivo privacy policy at https://goo.gl/3zOxrR.

You can pay Kredivo bills via bank transfer. Please log in to your application to check bank account details. After you make a payment, the payment amount and status will be updated within a maximum of 48 hours. Kredivo will send an email and SMS to remind you of upcoming payments. You will also get notifications via the application. Kredivo will not give you spam or excessive information.



By taking a loan through Kredivo, you are legally obliged to pay the loan balance. If your bill is not paid for more than 60 days, the creditor or lender has the right to refer your account to the collection department and / or report you to the relevant credit bureau. If you don’t pay the bill within 30 days, late fees and credit will be applied (just like a credit card). You have a total of 90 days from the date of the transaction to pay the bill. If not, you will be classified as a troubled creditor.

If you want to close your creditor account, please contact the Kredivo team at his email support@kredivo.com. The account can not be closed until you have fully repaid each Kredivo loan balance. In addition, your account will be closed if it has not been accessed for 2 years.



Home Credit Indonesia

Home Credit began to stand in Indonesia in 2013 in the Jakarta area. Until 2016, businesses developed in Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Pekan Baru, Malang, Denpasar, Batam, Medan, Palembang, Balikpapan, Pontianak, Banjarmasin and Manado. Home Credit plans to develop services to all cities in Indonesia in 2018.
Home Credit provides financing at the store (on-site non-cash financing) for consumers who want to buy products such as household appliances, electronic devices, cellphones and furniture. In addition, Home Credit also provides multipurpose financing offered to loyal consumers. You can use multi-use financing to finance home renovation, tuition fees or even a vacation.


Credit Can But Don’t Forget To Be Considered

The increasing number of credit institutions, makes it easier for us to credit everything. In fact we can do credit without a credit card. But don’t forget that credit is debt. And debt is always a burden we have to pay. Therefore, before taking credit to buy a new cellphone, first consider whether this credit is consumptive or productive. Do you really need your credit without a credit card and you are willing to pay the interest. And don’t forget that there are limits in debt so that your finances stay healthy. So don’t forget careful consideration and planning in taking credit.


HP credit without a credit card can be one solution for you to buy the items you want with installments even though you don’t have a credit card. Is this article helpful and useful to you? Give your comments in the fields provided below and also share each Lady Brett Ashley article with your colleagues. thanks.