How to check the Debt? – Debt Consolidation by the Bank

Do you have problems with repayment of loans, loans or other obligations? In that case, the bank will look closely at your financial situation before granting another financing. Fortunately, before he does you can take a closer look at their history credit and minimize the risk of a negative decision.  

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The Credit Information Bureau has data on each borrower  

Credit Information Bureau, is the main source of information on the credit history of bank clients, credit unions and loan companies. It is also the largest register in Poland, which collects, stores and provides data relating to, among others repayment of loans and advances, the limit on the card, covered bones   in the payment of child support , invoices or credit cards.  

Only customers with debts are in the database! There are also people who have no problems in settling their obligations. Thanks to that, financial institutions can check the creditworthiness of all potential consumers. The only exception are young people who do not have any credit history when they start their adult life. And hence, they do not appear in the register and other financial systems.  


How they see you, that’s how they perceive you?

Possessing the status of a reliable borrower, especially for people who dream about their own M is an end in itself. Financial institutions, on the basis of the information provided, decide on the allocation of a mortgage. Therefore, if you are timely paying all debts, you have a better chance of getting financial support . Where do you get that confidence? Well, the bank assumes that if you paid your earlier debts on time, you will have no trouble in this case. At the same time, even the smallest – but constantly recurring arrears can worsen your credit situation! It also occurs when an unreliable borrower is in debt and you – you are his guarantor.  

Therefore, remember that you are working on a positive credit history and scoring with every payment schedule – scoring . The higher, the more likely the credit / loan application is to be successfully verified.


The payment history stays with you for a long time …

In fact, everything depends on whether the person who repays the obligation agrees to the processing of the data. If she agreed – and this is the most common way, such payments will appear BIG “InfoMonitor” registers. It is worth knowing, however, that when filling out requests for non-bank or bank loans, consent to data sharing is one of the requirements for accepting the application. It has its pluses, because when you pay your debts on time, they have a positive impact on your reputation.  

The situation is different, with delays that exceed 60 days and at the same time 30 days have elapsed since the debtor informed the debtor. Such information can be seen in the system, even for 5 years – without the customer’s consent!

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Before you check in- the registers controls your identity!  

Credit Information Bureau pays a lot of attention to credible and safe verification of clients. Every single report has no right to reach unauthorized persons! Therefore, setting up a customer profile involves providing a number of detailed information. To do this, you can choose one of the following ways:  

  • Sending by e-mail, a registration form with a photo or scanned ID card – in this case it will also be necessary to provide a PESEL number and ID card, provide the exact address along with the telephone number, and make an identification transfer in the amount of PLN 1,  
  • Sending an electronic application of the registration and then using the code delivered by registered mail by Poczta Polska  

The first option is definitely faster and more convenient. However, it requires the transfer of a photo ID, which may be an impenetrable barrier for some people. What’s more, the verification fee for 1 PLN is not refundable. Thus, with a view to traditionalists offers the option to set up an account with the help of a registered letter. In this case, the verification code is sent via postal order. Choosing this option will mean that you will have to wait for up to a dozen or so days to check your data.


First cats, for fences – registration

Do you want to learn how to check your debt? Or maybe you are curious, how is your scoring situation presented? In that case, the only valid way is to download a general report that is free every six months. Importantly, the register can be checked not only by individual clients, but also by self-employed and companies. However, before you do – it is necessary to set up an account on the home page . To do this you have to go through the following steps. In the case of authorization, with the help of an identity document scan:  

  1. Fill out the registration form – supplemented with basic personal details, PESEL number and personal ID number, e-mail address, telephone number,  
  2. Confirm your identity – attach the scanned ID to the attached information  
  3. Make a verification transfer for PLN 1 – acceptable only from a personal bank account
  4. Click the activation message
  5. Receive an SMS with an activation code  
  6. Enter the code in the completed application and set the login password  

In the case of authorization based on a registered letter:  

  1. Fill out the registration form and check the option of sending the letter  
  2. Receive a registered letter with an activation code  
  3. Click on the activation message in the post office  
  4. Receive an SMS message with an activation code  
  5. Enter the code in the completed application and set a login password  

Successfully carried out registration will oblige you to download a report containing all information about your commitments!


Match the report to your expectations – what do you have to choose?  

Having a customer profile you can take full advantage of the services offered by the register. As you already know, you do not pay anything for checking the data – provided that you download the report no more than once every six months. How to download it? After entering the RODO – access to it became a bit difficult. Currently, this document is available under the name – “data copy”. You can get it in several ways:  

  • By submitting the application by Poczta Polska or by submitting it in person at the Customer Service Center  
  • By submitting the application online  
  • By submitting the application, with the help of a personal profile on the website  

However, we also offers other products, such as: alerts, indicator or in the case of loss of an ID, the right to reserve a document , as well as credit reservations . You can also use the Package : one-time payment for 39 PLN or an annual one for 99 PLN. In both cases, the documents contain all financial information – credit inquiries sent by banks, information on co-borrowers or relations with banks. In addition, in the annual package you have the option of downloading the report in accordance with your recognition, checking the scoring, as well as receive alerts, in the form of SMS notifications or by e-mail – if someone uses your data in a financial institution without any reason!


A simple way to safety and avoid problems!  

The wide range of possibilities offered by are to ensures calm sleep and a “light” head. Therefore, you should not have a problem with adjusting solutions to your current expectations. Interestingly, in the system, there is an option to check the payment condition of contractors. Thanks to this you can check its credibility and avoid dishonest business relations before you start cooperation with a particular company. And all without leaving your home!


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